Getting started

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Because an Elitedrive Power Module and Throttle Booster will give you
more performance for your dollar than anything else on the market.
Simply plug and play with no hardware upgrades required at all.
Our products are designed to improve your ride without changing the
fundamental nature of your vehicle.


Whether you have a tiny twin charged petrol engine, or a large turbo diesel V8, we have a solution that will improve your driving experience with more power and torque. All tunes are developed using a rolling road dyno and a real vehicle toensure 100% compatibility with your engine.


Our Power Modules are unlike other kits on the market because we use actual vehicles on a rolling dyno to develop your performance tune. We safely raise fuel rail pressure as well as available boost up to 3psi more (not enough to require any hardware upgrades), so your all-important air/fuel ratio’s are kept standard for long term reliability.


Performance is our number one goal, but looks matter too! Our passion is to combine the highest end technology with an interface design that matches your vehicle interior. Gone are the days of ugly accessories that don’t match your dash. With Elitedrive products, you improve the way your vehicle looks and performs.

How Elitedrive got started

Elitedrive has been operating in New Zealand since 2018 finding the latest solutions for diesel and petrol plug and play upgrades. After searching the entire world for the best throttle controllers and tuning solutions, we are now sold across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom and the USA.