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Earn Cash with the new Elitedrive affiliate program. We will pay you a commission when anyone you refer makes a purchase Using Your Specialized Unique Custom Affiliate Link or QR Code.

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Welcome to the ELITEDRIVE Affiliate Portal.

Elitedrive’s mission is to develop and offer the highest quality, most innovative performance parts that smash the competition on features, reliability and price.
We have had great success with the popularity and functionality of our service and our products and many of our customers can not stop raving about us.
We are now excited to offer not only our customers but new affiliates the opportunity to earn cash for referrals.

Every person who you refer and makes a purchase at Elitedrive.co.nz using your special unique affiliate url or QR Code, Will Earn You CASH EVERY SALE
We have a great range of digital assets available for our affiliates to use to help you with sharing your affiliate link.

Elitedrive is a brand that is growing rapidly and will be great to have you on board with us on our journey of exposure to the rest of the world.

Tuning trainee badge - bronze affiliate

Tuning Trainee

Referred Sales: $0 - $4,999nzd
Commission: 8%
Entry-level affiliates who are just starting their journey with no minimum order amount required.

Torque tuner badge - silver affiliate

Torque Tuner

Referred Sales: $5,000 - $14,999nzd
Commission: 12%
Affiliates who have gained some experience and have generated a moderate amount of sales.

Horsepower addict badge- gold affiliate

Horsepower Addict

Referred Sales: $15,000 - $29,999nzd
Commission: 16%
Advanced affiliates with significant expertise and a solid track record of higher sales volume.

Dyno king badge- diamond affiliate

Dyno King

Referred Sales: $30,000 - $49,999nzd
Commission: 20%
Pro-level affiliates with exceptional performance and leadership within the automotive community.

Tuner mastermind badge- platinum affiliate

Tuning Mastermind

Referred Sales: $50,000nzd+
Commission: 25%
Advanced affiliates with significant expertise and a solid track record of higher sales volume.

The Elitedrive affiliate badge level status represents a specialized tier of recognition awarded to top-performing affiliates in the Elitedrive network.
This prestigious status is granted based on exceptional performance metrics, including high conversion rates, consistent sales growth, and exemplary adherence to Elitedrive’s standards of excellence. Affiliates who achieve this status benefit from exclusive perks such as higher commission rates, early access to new products, dedicated support, and prominent placement in marketing materials. The Elitedrive affiliate badge not only signifies superior performance but also enhances the affiliate’s credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of potential customers.

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