Elitedrive Diesel Responsive Power Tuning Package


Upgrade your driving experience today with the Elitedrive Throttle Master and Diesel Tuning Module combo. Unleash the full potential of your vehicle, enjoy improved performance, and make a positive impact on your fuel economy. Drive smarter, drive better with Elitedrive!

Unlock the true potential of your vehicle with this dynamic duo from Elitedrive. Whether you’re a performance enthusiast, an eco-conscious driver, or simply looking for an upgrade, this combo offers a winning solution.

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The Elitedrive Power Module will provide your engine with the maximum safe available level of power and torque while maintaining Vehicle Manufacturer’s all important air/fuel ratio’s for excellent reliability.

Elitedrive Performance – Diesel Power Package

The Elitedrive Power Package is your ticket to an exceptional driving adventure. Combining the Elitedrive Throttle Master and the Elitedrive Diesel Tuning Module, this package redefines what’s possible behind the wheel. Elitedrive is your key to precision and control. It empowers you with the ability to fine-tune your vehicle’s throttle response, resulting in quicker acceleration and immediate responsiveness. It’s the kind of upgrade that truly transforms the way you experience your vehicle.

Elitedrive is engineered to optimize power, torque, and fuel efficiency, making every drive efficient and exhilarating. Whether you’re looking for power on demand or a more eco-conscious ride, this module has you covered. Installation is a breeze with our plug-and-play design, ensuring you can start enjoying the benefits of the Elitedrive Power Package in no time. No need for complicated setups or professional installation – it’s all about simplicity and results..

With broad compatibility for a wide range of diesel vehicles, the Elitedrive Power Package is a versatile choice. It’s suitable for various car owners who want to experience the perfect blend of power and efficiency.

Elevate your driving experience today with the Elitedrive Power Package. Unleash the full potential of your vehicle, enjoy enhanced performance, and contribute to a greener, more efficient future. It’s time to rediscover the joy of driving with the Elitedrive Power Package.


The Elitedrive Power Package will provide your engine with the maximum safe available level of power, torque and response while maintaining Vehicle Manufacturer’s all important air/fuel ratio’s for excellent reliability.

Because every Diesel Power Module is programmed specifically for your engine, based on a Dyno Derived tune, you’ll enjoy more power every time you come out of a corner, or take off from a green light. Feel the power come in sooner and last for longer, as well as a shove in the midrange you’ll quickly get addicted to. Drive the car you always wanted by adding up to 30% More Power and Torque across the rev range.
Torque is what moves you and what makes your car respond when you put your foot down, so our tunes are not based on top end gains alone. We make sure the gains are generated throughout the rev range, especially focusing on midrange torque because this area of the rev range is where you spend the majority of your time driving.  When you put your foot down after install, there’s a difference in power you’ll feel everywhere.
Warning: This level of power is addictive!



Faster Engine Response

Eliminate Annoying Throttle Lag

Improved Economy in Eco Mode

LOCK MODE for added Security

Simple Do-it yourself Installation

30 Day Money Back Guarentee

Road Mode

A very comfortable and smooth power delivery, great for getting away from the lights better and out of corners with a stronger push. You’ll experience stronger acceleration, as well as removing dangerous throttle delays entering traffic and round-a-bouts. Because you’ll be moving instead of sitting there waiting when you put your foot down, there’s usually around a 5% fuel economy benefit noticed when driven in Comfort Mode.

Sports Mode

Whether you’re on or off-road, Sport Mode will delivery some incredible performance. When you put your foot down, there’s an immediate power delivery and strong push giving you power when you want it.

Higher levels of Sport like 7, 8 and 9 are for serious performance while lower numbers can often be ideal for around town in small cars.

Tow Mode Improves Towing Safety

One of our exclusive modes is TOW Mode. This setting delivers unparalleled levels of torque delivery when you need it while driving with a heavy load. We developed this unique mode to make towing easier and ultimately safer. Set and Forget.

Master Tricky Conditions in Offroad Mode

When driving offroad, the biggest issue can be too much power or torque delivered at the wrong time. In 4×4 Mode you’ll find there’s a lot more control over the delivery of every hp, and you’ll avoid surging when driving over bumpy ground.

Save Fuel in Economy Mode

Driving in town with lots of stop/start traffic causes us to use more fuel than necessary when accelerating away from the lights. In Economy Mode, you’ll be able to more carefully meter the fuel use, and benefit from using less fuel as a result. There’s 10 levels of adjustment in Economy. Mode to suit your driving the best.

iAutomatic Mode for Set and Forget

Select this fully automatic mode for a setting with no adjustment. Instead of a single setting, the advanced 32 Bit chipset intuitively adjusts your throttle response based on your own driving style. If you drive quietly, the response will be mild, but as soon as you put your foot down, the response will adjust accordingly. A great mode for a vehicle that shares many drivers.

One Touch Overtake Boost

Need to overtake NOW?
Hit the Overtake Boost and experience the fastest and safest overtake possible. Once the power hits, your overtake will be seamless and allows you to get back into the traffic stream without the delays and frustration felt before installation of a throttle booster.

Throttle Lock Mode with Your Pin

Add another layer of protection to your vehicle with our new Throttle Lock Mode that you set with your own personal Pin Code. The vehicle’s pedal will not operate when the throttle is locked, even with the engine running.

Safe For All Transmissions

100% Safe to use with All Transmissions and gearboxes because an Elitedrive Throttle Booster does not actually create more horsepower or torque, although it will feel like it because it delivers the power so much earlier. This means it works well and is safe to use in Automatic, Manual, CVT, DCT, DSGand even Hybrid/PHEV driven vehicles.

Don't take our word for it, Here Is What Our Customers Have To Say

Totally impressed for sure no lag super responsive even when you overtake. Have passed on your numbers to other caravaners and will keep doing so. Once again thank you awesome

Mike H.

Logan QLD

An absolutely fantastic product! Very easy to install, I have noticed an instant difference to the way my car responds to the pedal. The road, sport and race modes definitely live up to their name!!

David M.

Brooklyn, NSW

I'm thrilled with my new elite throttle controller. very easy to install, what a difference in performance to my Ford Ranger PX2. one very happy customer.

Chris S.

Coomera, QLD

Hey mate, just wanted to say thanks again for the EliteDrive. Race mode is insane, can't believe how much of a difference it makes! So easy to install too. Cheers Dean

Dean K.

Broadbeach, Gold Coast