Throttle Response Controller FAQ's

At Elitedrive, we are dedicated to providing exceptional support and guidance for all your questions and concerns about investing in a throttle controller. Our team of knowledgeable experts is here to help you understand the benefits and features of our advanced throttle controllers, ensuring you make an informed decision.

Whether you’re curious about how a throttle controller can enhance your vehicle’s performance, improve fuel efficiency, or provide a more customized driving experience, Elitedrive has the answers you need.

We pride ourselves on our customer-centric approach, offering personalized advice and detailed information tailored to your specific needs and vehicle model. With Elitedrive, you’re not just purchasing a product; you’re gaining a partner committed to enhancing your driving experience. Reach out to us today and discover how our innovative throttle controllers can revolutionize the way you drive, all backed by our unwavering support and expertise. Experience the Elitedrive difference and let us guide you every step of the way.

Throttle response controller faq's

The ELITEDRIVE intercepts the voltage signal sent by your fly by wire pedal system, and modifies this in real time. This allows you to personalize the response you get from your accelerator by either increasing response for a more sporty feel, or when offroad or in fuel saving mode, it will decrease the response. Most vehicles experience a certain amount of throttle delay or lag when you press the accelerator, and the ELITEDRIVE will greatly reduce this lag. The ELITEDRIVE is setting new reference points for the throttle mapping, and supplying sharper, or more gradual throttle maps depending on the mode selected.

No, ELITEDRIVE throttle controllers do not increase or adjust power levels. They make the power you have more accessible but do not adjust timing, air fuel ratio’s or engine mapping. ELITEDRIVE drastically changes the way your car feels, with a faster response when you want it, or less response when you need it.Once installed, you will be surprised at the change in your vehicle for the better. It’s like giving your car Sport mode.

ELITEDRIVE throttle controllers have Auto and Manual settings designed to work better for Automatic or Manual transmissions. The Automatic setting is slightly more responsive on initial throttle application, but this can often be too much initial response for either Manual transmissions or Automatic transmissions with 8 or more gears so experiment and find a setting that suits you and your vehicle.

The ELITEDRIVE throttle controller is suitable to be used across a number of vehicles, both Petrol and Diesel engines, as well as turbo, supercharged and naturally aspirated engines are covered. The ELITEDRIVE modifes the throttle map for most electronic throttles regardless of engine type.

Every New Car Warranty has limitations on what will be acceptable to modify. We know of some car manufacturers who will void a warranty because of
aftermarket wheels. However we also sell into many new and used car dealers who use ELITEDRIVE to help sell cars.

They often install an ELITEDRIVE into a slower vehicle to dramatically increase the throttle response or sell an ELITEDRIVE as an aftermarket accessory.
ELITEDRIVE has been tested extensively and will not damage your vehicle if it has been installed correctly. If it develops any issues, simply change the mode back to NORMAL and the vehicle reverts to 100% standard settings.
ELITEDRIVE is covered by our fully comprehensive Product Liability Insurance against mechanical damage caused during normal operation .

When in ECONOMY mode you can save fuel. In iAuto, Sport, Sport+ and Race you will likely see no change in economy.

You will feel a change in power delivery but the amount of fuel used to create that power doesn’t change with the installation of an ELITEDRIVE. You can use the settings to change to the ECONOMY mode if this is important to you. but if you are looking for better response and faster delivery of the power, then you’ll use the same amount of fuel as before, while drastically improving the power delivery from your vehicle.

There are usually only 2 part numbers for each vehicle Manufacturer to cover up to 20 years of production. BMW and Mini use just one part number for all vehicles 2000-2020 while Toyota, Ford, Mazda and others have two part numbers. Each kit is specific to the vehicle so please check the application list for the part number you need. We add new vehicles all the time so please contact us if you don’t see your vehicle.

ELITEDRIVE can usually be installed into a vehicle in 2 minutes. No tools are required, no cutting of wires and no mechanical knowledge is needed. We like to think ELITEDRIVE is one of the World’s easiest to install Plug and Play device designed to connect with original style connectors and integrate seamlessly. Once installed, the unit is self powered and sticks to your dashboard wherever you choose with the in-built double sided tape on the unit.

ELITEDRIVE throttle controllers amplify the signal to the engine management upon first application of the throttle.

This helps eliminate throttle lag which is when you put your foot down and there’s a minor delay. Most people think this is just one of their engine’s characteristics, but with an ELITEDRIVE installed, you’ll soon see your engine has far more response than before. Another way you’ll enjoy faster throttle response is through adjustment of the pedal stroke.

In Sport, Sport+ and Race you’ll have to use less throttle to get the same response as before. This allows you to gently feather the throttle on the motorway instead of holding it down to keep a constant speed. Great for towing and everyday driving.

ELITEDRIVE has 9 ‘Mode’ settings – ECON, SPORT, SPORT+ AND RACE all have Manual and Automatic specific settings that change the initial throttle response to suit Automatic or Manual gearboxes better.

NORMAL: Select for original factory settings.

ECON MODE: Select to DECREASE throttle response. Ideal for using less fuel, driving offroad,driving a powerful vehicle you want to soften power delivery on, or learning to drive

SPORT MODE: Select to INCREASE Throttle Response. This mode eliminates throttle delay while seeking a balance between sporty and regular response.

SPORT+ MODE: Select to INCREASE Throttle Response more – Better throttle response. Suitable for Highway, uphill and track driving.

RACE MODE: Select for the FASTEST Acceleration mode. This mode offers a truly explosive response when you accelerate. Perfect for trackdays and
aggressive driving.

i-AUTO MODE: Identifies YOUR driving style and adjusts automatically to suit how you drive. There is no need to select Auto or Manual with this mode.

Through years of previous sales as well as extensive testing, we have found no damage can be done if you want to change settings while driving. We do, however, strongly suggest that customers do not change settings while driving. Instead, we advise only making changes with the engine off and the vehicle in Park to avoid
the risk of distraction and causing an accident.


SAND & MUD – If you ‘ve ever tried to gently accelerate in sand or wet mud, it’s a lot easier with less throttle response. This allows you to crawl over obstacles in a more controlled manner with less chance of wheelspin compared to normal settings.

ROCKY/ROUGH TERRAIN – On rocky terrain, a driver’s foot can often bounce and cause erratic acceleration so less response will solve unintentional throttle application.

MUD – Sport/Race settings are ideal if you want to give your vehicle a few fast acceleration runs to clean your tyres of mud or just to make spinning the heels a little easier.


RAIN – Econ mode is ideal to select for drivers wanting to dull the responsiveness of their vehicle to avoid wheelspin.

TRACK– Race Mode is the best setting if getting to 100% throttle is your goal.

GENERAL DRIVING – Experiment with Sport, Sport+, Race and iAuto as each engine has a different response and one setting on one vehicle may not be the best setting on another.

ELITEDRIVE offers a comprehensive 3 year warranty. This protects you against any issues in performance, function and defects in materials. This warranty applies to the original owner.
This warranty does not apply to goods damaged during the install process. If the product has been mistreated in such a way as to affect performance, or accidentally damaged, there will no warranty given.
Please contact us at and discuss any issue.

We will endeavour to solve your issue ASAP.

AFTERMARKET CRUISE CONTROL – We have never had an issue with a cruise control system not working seamlessly with our ELITEDRIVE. This includes units that intercept signals and connect directly with the fly by wire system.

ECU TUNE / REFLASH – Yes, ELITEDRIVE throttle controllers work great when ECU’s have been reflashed or retuned because there‘s even more response difference when installed. Sometimes throttle parameters have been changed but the ELITEDRIVE still provides a useful performance difference.

PERFORMANCE CHIPS – Yes, Chips adjust air/fuel ratio’s, available boost and fuel rail pressure. Add an ELITEDRIVE and your performance gains can be felt sooner.

ELITEDRIVE gives your vehicle a selection of throttle maps, much like the Sport and Sport+ modes already in your car. Your most aggressive setting has a sharper acceleration curve, so when you add an ELITEDRIVE you’ll now increase response to even this original mode. Sometimes it is obvious which original setting to leave the vehicle on, and other times there needs to be some experimentation to find the ideal setting.

ELITEDRIVE can be bought through our Dealer Network with full support given through our Website or you can purchase online.

ELITEDRIVE can be bought through our Dealer Network with full support given through our Website or you can purchase online.

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